Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quick Note About Stories for All Seasons and the Writing Group That Publishes It

If anyone is trying to find Stories For All Seasons on Amazon right now, I need to let you know that version of the anthology has been pulled.

The local writers' group Writers 4 All Seasons is currently revamping our attempts to publish annual anthology works, and our board has decided to redo Stories in another format that will allow for PRINT versions as well as eBook versions for sale. I've been told that the print and ebook revision will go live soon, hopefully before June, and when that happens I'll make note of it here.

We're also discussing how we need to do more on marketing, which is a key component of self-publishing. Just throwing an ebook out there without push or promotional materials doesn't help. Even I try to market my works - hi there, buy my books! - using online blurbs and printed bookmarks and posters.

As for the next anthology - a planned effort to create a shared universe with overlapping characters and events - that's been put on hold until we finish this revamp and complete some effective marketing steps. We'll see.

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