Friday, September 4, 2015

Star Wars The Force Awakens Has All The Toys I Want help a Jedi out.

For starters, there's a LEGO Millennium Falcon (WITH NEW RADAR DISH!)

There's a real-working desk-sized BB-8 toy that can be remote-controlled by your tablet/smartphone.

There's a chance to buy your very own Harlan Ellison uh Lawrence Kasdan no no your very own Simon Pegg!  Whadda you mean, he's not for sale...?

(takes his 50 p) (gets out, crying)

These are kind of the things I missed asking for Christmas back when I was eight years old (did get the action figures and the fluffy Chewie doll SHUT UP).  It'll be a little embarrassing asking Santa for them at the age of 45 (okay so I haven't grown up THAT much...).  And I hate to admit it, but the Saturnalia holidays is not up on toy-gifting (damn the harvest festive bacchanal nature of the Romans!).

So I would very much like... ahem, NEED... to buy these toys for meself.  Thing is, I'm a little strapped for cash at the moment.  And the Falcon set alone is around $140.

That's where you, the faithful seven readers of this blog, come in.

Can you all ask about 50,000 of your closest friends and co-workers and deep-pocket rich people around you to, you know, buy my ebooks?!?!?!  The extra cash-flow from the sales should cover the purchase price of a life-size Jabba the Hutt sofa...

I don't think I can boot up a Kickstarter crowd-funding thing for this sort of project.


Update: Actually I *can* add a Donate button to a blog, but it would be a little too tacky.  ...Except I'm begging for book sales in the first place!  Well, as I argue to myself, selling the books is a fair form of exchange, me providing a service (book) and the buyer getting something of value.  So that seems morally acceptable. ;)

That said, the Lego Millennium Falcon is now MINE.  Yes, I indulged for myself this Saturnalia season.  Getting it now means I won't miss out getting it when we get closer to the movie release in December, when all the stores are bound to run low on supplies of the cool toys.

I won't open it now.  1) I need to find a place to shelve it when finished and 2) It's 1300+ pieces!  This thing is gonna take a WEEK to put together...

My inner 8-year-old is geeking.


Amanda said...

Hello! Those toys sound awesome!

Will you be a NaNoWriMo ML? I became a NaNoWriMo ML as well, and it looks like we are co-MLs for the same region! If you will also be an ML this year, I believe we need to figure out who is ordering the ML kit, etc.

I can be reached at arsamandica [at] gmail [dot] com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Paul said...

I will be a ML for NaNo again this year. I asked for and got them to set up a Polk County/Lakeland area Region, so I will be handling Write-Ins and events around the county this November. I'm working on getting some of the libraries to co-host, but I'll need to find a couple places in Lakeland itself as the library downtown is booked solid...

Amanda said...

OK! Have you ordered the ML kit yet? If not, I can go ahead and do that, and work on securing the venues in Lakeland. Can you shoot me an email with the places in Lakeland you've already contacted, please?

Thank you and hope you had a good Labor Day weekend,
Amanda Butler