Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Librarianship: Keep the Kids Reading

Just to note, it's summer.  Libraries use this time to encourage kids and teens to read.  It's helpful: it keeps the youth engaged in a needed skill - reading and literature - during the two/three months between schooling.

The theme this summer is Heroes, which is an appropriate one for meself as a fan of comic books and hero gaming.  Here at Bartow Public we're hosting a lot of superhero-themed events for the youngsters.  I worked with our Children's and Teen librarians hosting an event where kids got a superhero name and they crafted their own superhero outfits (although I would have said no to the capes like Edna would).

As such, I need to get this printed out and hanging on a wall at work:

Libraries run a READ campaign.

I really REALLY miss City of Heroes...

P.S. this is post 300.  Hi, everybody!

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