Friday, October 17, 2014

Tim Dorsey at Bartow Public Library: The Early Warning

We're hosting Tim Dorsey - of the Serge A Storm series - this Saturday at Bartow Public Library (Bartow, FL).

We expect Mr. Dorsey will talk about his travels across the state, and how he determines the proper method of killing off rude characters in each unique touristy locale.

I'm serious.  If Tim Dorsey includes a character based on you in any of his Serge novels, you will die in a painful and creative manner...

So be very polite when he shows up, and no sudden movements, and STOP TURN OFF THAT AUTOFLASH ON YOUR SMARTPHONE NOOOOOoooo... Oh no... OH NO.  RUN...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Clearing Out the Leftovers

Tell me to get at least two of the six stories finished that I'd planned to make part of my superhero narrative from 2013 NaNo before Halloween.  Two.  That's all.  I got one, if I can get two I can post them in a combo mini-anthology of sorts on Smashwords or something.

TELL ME.  I need an editor with an egg timer and a 2x4 standing behind me right about now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014: Another Reckoning Another Chance

It's time to NANO.
This year I'm plotting out an alien invasion with a twist (the aliens are here to SPOILERS).

Meantime, I am finishing up some of the chapters from LAST YEAR's NaNo attempt to see about getting the rough draft edited out and published before I get working this November on this new one.

This time I'll have the 2013 work finished BEFORE I go jumping for an artist / cover designer.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Cat Warning

It's the month of All Hallows.

It is the time of black kittehs to stalk the sides of windows and signage for trick or treating.

It is the time of Mal the Crazy Kitteh.

You cannot stop him.

You cannot contain him.

And he will shred your toilet paper.

This month is his.

Beware the Crazy Kitteh.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Doing Good as a Librarian

I mentioned Ask A Librarian (AAL) before: an online chat service libraries provide for the public and students to ask questions and request research.  At the university/college level it's for students stuck off-campus to get help finding online research or figure out what they need for assignments.  At the public library level: we're for home-schooled or virtual school students and for middle/high school students; or for adults needing help with placing holds, figuring out ereaders, and whether or not their library card numbers are still valid.

It's a state-wide program: a lot of the county and city libraries provide staff to give an hour or two a day at least once a week.  We get about four questions an hour, usually from the big systems like Jacksonville, Broward, Tampa/Hillsborough, Miami/Dade, Orange County (Orlando), sometimes Lee and Monroe.  The quirky ones are the ones out-of-state: I had one from Shasta College... one from Bolton (UK!)... anyway I digress.

Every month, the organization overseeing AAL gives out a couple of staff awards.  There's one for the librarian who provides extra effort to make sure most of the hours are covered as best as possible, called the Superstar award.

I was named for September's Superstar:
There's a plaque for it!

From Jessica at TBLC:
Paul is the Reference and Computer Librarian at the Bartow Public Library which is part of the Polk County Library Cooperative. He was been at Bartow since February 2013 and has been an outstanding team member of Ask A Librarian since his arrival. He has also been nominated for several exemplary reference awards.
Paul volunteers to cover shifts needing last-minute help on the Collaborative Desk. Paul's eagerness to help librarians and staff from around the state shows true dedication to the collaborative program. His virtual reference knowledge reaches customers in a true time of need.
Paul is a crucial member of the Ask A Librarian program. Please help me congratulate this month’s SuperStar winner, Paul Wartenberg from Bartow Public Library.

I'm feeling good right now.

Update (10/17/14): I wasn't allowed to keep the plaque. It's rotated around to the monthly winners.  Ah well.  At least I had it on my wall... :)

Friday, August 29, 2014

So I Might Be Selling Stories After All...?

Just got this in the email:
Huh.  I earned about 10.00 for my NOOK Book sales.

The only thing I got plugged into NookPress is my short story "Welcome to Florida".  Selling that at about .99 a download.  So uh... hmm... I got over 10 people to actually buy/read that short story.

I need to login in and double-check the sales info.  Make sure there's not an accounting issue.

And yes, I do have to report this 10 bucks to the IRS.

You do not f-ck with the IRS.  Even the Joker does not f-ck with the IRS.
P.S. I may have another short story getting anthologized.  More later.

UPDATE: Actually, the NookPress service doesn't tally up any sales returns until a minimum of $10 is there.  And it's not the full .99 cents from the sale of each copy, so I've actually sold more than just ten... most of the sales were back in 2012 by the looks of the sales chart, just had two sales this year in June, ergo this financial quarter being the line-crossing.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Personal Note: Back on Weight Watchers

I had fallen off the wagon, as it were, back when I was unemployed and couldn't afford the weekly/monthly fees.  As a result - combined with other matters - my weight got back up to where it was the LAST time my doctor told me I was morbidly obese (310-ish).  So...

Started three weeks ago at 309 lbs.  Last week's weigh-in I was down 3 lbs.  I need to reach 15 lbs loss in about ten weeks, and then get it down to 30 lbs (the "ten percent" goal) within twenty weeks.  So right now I'm aiming for 294 lbs and then 279 lbs after that.

Just gotta cut back on the pizza.  And the chocolate.  And the sodas (seriously, that's a major part right there).  And the chocolate.  And the mac and cheese...

And while there's a big emphasis on eating more greens (and just generally eating less of the stuff that just makes you fat), there's a smarter emphasis on portion control than on cutting back on the "bad" stuff altogether (that creates denial, then total rejection of the dieting effort) combined with more activity (burn baby burn, Calories Inferno!).  Walk more, eat less...

So don't be surprised if you see me biking a lot more often.  Do be terrified, though: WHERE'S THE BRAKES ON THESE THINGS! AIIIEEEEEE...