Monday, March 24, 2014

I Survived MegaCon 2014 (cross-post)

I blogged about my MegaCon trip this past weekend over on my political blog rather than the writing blog here, I apologize... but hey I provided a link!

As for my writing, I attended (I tagged myself...and the guy sitting in front of me) a very packed World Building panel presentation (the panelist taking that photo, Bill Hatfield, found out the line for the presentation went out the door and along the hallway for the poor souls who couldn't get in: I'm pretty sure next year they'll get bigger rooms for the writing panels).  Got some good motivation to get my damned first novel finished...

The panel was led by Glenda C Finkelstein, author of Battle Cry; and co-hosted by Bill (William) Hatfield, of Captive Audience; by T.S. Robinson, of Battle-Chasers; and Jade Kerrion, of the Double Helix series.  Philip McCall was also a presenter but he showed up late, so nyah to him. ;-)

Met the authors afterward to thank them, and found out that - hey - Hatfield owned the Novel Ideas comic book store in Gainesville when I went to University of Florida!  Small world...

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