Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kitteh Update 02/06/14: A New Bed for Kitties

Today while I was at work, Ocean decided it was time to move her litter to a more secure location (it's instinctual to move the nest for mama cats).  So she chose the underside of the kitchen cabinet next to the sink.

It's not the healthiest place in the universe to put kittehs, I(n)M(y)H(uman)O(pinion).  While I was home during lunch break, I made the effort - ever so gently - of moving each kitten to an open bookshelf with a towel-lined box I had set up.

Ocean is currently amenable to the new digs, but I guarantee her stubborn feline instinct will kick back in.  So I'm tying down the door handles to the cabinets with rope.

Meanwhile, best picture so far.  Finally got a good shot of Ocean's face and that of the babies.  Ocean was purring as I took the picture.

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